Premiere in Madrid June 27th, Cofidis Alcázar theater, 5 performances only.

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Days:  from wednesday jun 27th to Sunday july 1st

Directions:  Alcalá 20 Street, Madrid


Wednesday, Thursday, Friday at 8:30 p.m., Sunday at 8 p.m.
€ 32.00 (Stalls), € 28.00 (Stalls Row 19 to 23), € 32.00 (Royal Circle), € 25.00 (Grand Circle) and € 18.00 (Last row of Grand Circle).

Saturday 20:00 p.m.
€ 35,00 (Stalls), € 31,00 (Stalls Row 19 to 23), € 35,00 (Royal Circle), € 26,00 (Grand Circle) and € 20,00 (Last row of Grand Circle).

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Box office hours: Monday in which there is a function from 5:00 p.m. until start the show. | Tuesday from 5:00 p.m. until start the show. | Wednesday to Sunday from 12:00 h. until 2:00 p.m. and from 5:00 p.m. until the beginning of the show.

A flamenco ópera: sypnosis

Our show, A través de la luz, parts from the real experience of a man who suffered a work accident and was clinically dead for about three minutes.

Starting off with these real facts, we talk about life and death, love, the passing time, the memories and our frustrations. The feminine character embodies

The feminine character embodies “the soul”. She walks a “via crucis” through different “steps” that take her from the most absolute darkness until a point, where, guided by the light, she reaches the last door to death, from where no traveller comes back.

During this journey, and travelling along unknown paths, she will face her new condition without forgetting her past life, without knowing her final destiny.

After finally accepting the fact that she is dead and, therefore, that she will disappear, something takes her surprisingly back to Earth.

A través de la luz will discover us that although there are always things that remain unsolved, everything is possible, and as Lorca said “we must live the present and drink from the fountains of happiness.” Picture

This story is based on real events: one person was clinically dead by an accident at work and a colleague managed to revive him and return to life. Three minutes from the darkness to the light.

That trip, taken from this real experience, is what we tell here.



Composer, Producer and musician

Founding member of the legendary independent band Flow, he currently combines his concerts and recordings of his other band Prinlalá, with record productions of artists such as Howe Gelb, Hindi Zhara, M. Ward, Emiliana Torrini etc.

He is also known for having discovered and produced spanish artist Russian Red, collaborated with Raimundo Amador or John Parish and produced the records of La Negra and Maria de Medeiros. He is the creator, composer and producer of the show.


Flamenco Dancer

Flamenco y classic spanish dancer, this artists was dancing with Carlos Saura, Javier Latorre, Antonjo Canales and now in this flamenco opera.

She is one of the restorers of dance and new flamenco. Her live shows include performances.


Spanish guitar player

Experimental flamenco guitar player and accomplished musician in Spain and abroad (NYC, Tokyo).

He has collaborated in butto-­‐flamenco shows. This guitar player represents the most traditional and orthodox side of our performance. One of the best in Córdoba.



Lucia Leiva is one of the Cordobian artists with the most future projection. Her voice goes from Carmen Linares to La Paquera de Jerez. She is the youngest of the crew.


Viola player

She is, no doubt, one of the best viola players in Spain. She is a part of the Orchestra of Córdoba and Almería and a member of the baroque pop group Prinlalá. She is used to taking risks and plays the classical part on our show.


Choirs, claps and "jaleos"

These purebred gypsies have accompanied Vicente Amigo, Jorge Pardo, Lin Cortés or Howe Gelb with their claps. No one has more beat than they do.



Alberto Torres is the most avant-­‐garde member of the band. He is between indie, classics and experimentation.

He has worked with international artists and shared stage with big bands. He is currently working on the soundtrack of the Mexican film Blow.



He combines flamenco and classic rhythms with modern textures. A big talent.

Lin Cortés

Multi-player / Singer

Lin Cortés has a great future as an artist and has already played with Raimundo Amador, Jorge Pardo or Howe Gelb.

He has just released his first album called Gypsy Evolution, a cocktail of funk, flamenco, rock and psychedelics.

Guest Artist



Jorge Pardo is one of the most important flamenco-­‐jazz musicians in Spain.

Best European Jazz musician according to the Jazz Music French Academy in 2012 and National Award of Contemporary Musicians in 2015. A great honour to have him.



Steve Shelley is the drummer of American legendary alternative rock band Sonic Youth.

What can we say about this great artist? When he first listened to the opera he fell in love, and having had his first approaches to flamenco music near Enrique Morente, it’s his time now.



Remedios Amaya is always the most modern one.

Fernando Vacas has produced her last album and there is where this collaboration was born. The mixture of the two of them ends up in a miscellany of the purest flamenco and overwhelming avant-­‐garde.



¿Qué podemos decir del maestro?...Premio nacional de Danza, del baile de las minas, etc.

Una estrella a nivel mundial y todo un honor el contar con él como especial invitado.


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Fernando Vacas has created a wonderfull and perfume master piece. Welcome to the XXI Century flamenco!

Tomás F.Flores, RADIO3-RNE, Chief Manager

Duende in love: pleasure and pain unfold like a hypnotic dream in a brilliance ofpulse and pluck.

Howe Gelb, Musician, Giant Sand

A Través de la Luz is more than an experiment. Vacas proposes is a whole experience, an infinitive walk, in dreams like a lake and universal.

Gabriel Núñez, Journalist, ROCK DE LUX

Dossier/Press Kit

Spanish Dossier


Press the following link to download "A través de la luz" dossier in Spanish

English Dossier


Press the following link to download "A través de la luz" dossier in English

Press Kit


Press the following link to download our Press Kit



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